Expo East: All the News and All the Snooze

After a last minute decision to attend Expo East we left the show happy to see old friends but more and more convinced that the Baltimore show is as exciting as yesterday’s meat loaf left out in the rain.

What we mean is that fewer established manufacturers bother to exhibit, (this holds true for the much more exciting Expo West too) and that those who do are waiting til Anaheim to launch new products, and seeming to resent the fact that they’re at another trade show.

Okay now that we’re done with our mild rant we acknowledge that yes indeed, there were some exciting new products, but just a few. The notable exceptions were:

The terrifc tasting and smart designed Living Harvest HempmilkThis product received NBN’s BEST in SHOW Award which unfortunately doesn’t come with any prizes or statuettes, at least not yet.

Clif Luna’s Elixir. a product designed the water bottle at the gym but likely for some a a replacement for their daily dose of Emergen-C..

Sunergia Soyfoods.. new soy feta which although no we’re not vegan, and love a French sheep feta has to admit this stuff shocked us with its great flavor and texture, too.

Lifestream’s frozen fruit pies. Think McDonald’s gone natural with organic ingredients but without the deep fryer.

Hain-Celestial’s Free Bird fresh chicken and frozen chicken products, something foodies like NBN are likely to buy but seem sure to catch on with folks who don’t cook and foodservice too.

Seeds of Change, (a division of M&M Mars) new organic dark choclate bars in gorgeous wrappers.

Maine Root Sodas, product new to NBN’s eyes though available in the Northeast for years, the M

Ambassador Organics, an interesting launch of organic and biodynamic spices, coffee and tea and headed by former Senator and more reently UN Ambassador Carol Mosley Braun.


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