Finally A TV Commercial For A Supplement Product

While we don’t believe that Big Pharma will worry too much about this, we were thrilled to see some well-done TV advertisements for a nutritional supplement company.

While watching the boob tube (don’t tell my mom I was eating a pint of ice cream at the time) NBN looked up from his pint of chocolate fudge brownie just in time to see a couple on the young-ish side of the Boomer generation talking about lowering their cholesterol with a nutritional supplement. Kudos to Nature Made Vitamins, which has been advertising its Cholest-Off plant sterol based product on shows like Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

The commercial touts clinical studies about reducing so-called ‘bad cholesterol” as well as including specific before and after measures of LDL and HDL levels.

Another Nature Made commercial features Joe Boomer at a farmer’s market talking about the keys to good health, namely, eating right, exercising and taking your Nature Made Supplements. Notably the commercial emphasizes research about how common vitamin deficiencies are, and effectively eliminates the ‘you can get your vitamins from food’ myth by emphasizing that one would have to eat 8 oranges to get the same benefits as one Vitamin C pill.

You can see Joe Boomer for yourself here
as well as get coupons good for ten bucks off a wide array of boomer focused products.


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