So Long Red Bull Hello Cocaine

A December 16 New York Times story noted the outcry over the new energy drink called Cocaine. Its website is at

Meanwhile at the same time anyone who isn’t blind has been bombarded by advertisements with that Chernobyl greenish-yellow butterfly, the iconic image for the new sleeping pill Lunestra. And over at MTV a new reality show is tracking the life of crystal-meth addicts.

So if you’re not taking uppers, you might be taking downers or just watching someone else take a tragic spiral with illegal or perhaps prescription drugs. The real news is drugs are in, illegal and prescription both and the trend is growing.

So NBN isn’t surprised that some mediocre energy drink is exploiting this trend, especially when they’re headquartered in Las Vegas. What does surprise us is that more and more people aren’t complaining about the legal kinds blanketing the media with more and more ads for medical conditions that didn’t exist a year ago.


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