Spinach Investigation Continues As Media Gets It Wrong Again

Word is out that the FBI raided both National Selection and another grower, reportedly Green Giant Foods. The two companies were investigated, said sources, for their role in the E Coli incident.

Meanwhile another TV ‘personality’, this time Dr. Drean Edell proved the media’s lack of knowledge, unless of course it is sourced by PR flacks, when he mentioned organic produce uses raw manure. Of course the truth is that organic manure has to be composted while conventional farms are the ones that use the raw and potentially dangerous kind.

This reminds NBN of John Stossel’s errant report on ABC’s 20/20 news show. A few years back he stated that a when comparing produce samples a research lab found the presence of high levels of illness producing bacteria on organic produce. This was later revealed by ABC to be false. Rivera was never punished for his actions.

We’re not conspiracy theorists but maybe we should be. Or is it that people, especially in the media are just dumber and lazier than the rest of us?


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  1. […] Stossel’s ill-informed report on organic foods using untreated manure on ABC News  in 2007 or Time Magazine’s poorly researched story on organic eggs are far too common. […]

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