Supervalu’s Sunflower Market Opens in Columbus Ohio

As anyone who has asked, (or paid NBN’s consulting fee knows), we LOVE Midwest regional powerhouse Supervalu’s new Sunflower Market store in Indianapolis and are excited to see these stores give Whole Foods a run for their organic money.

As noted previously the Sunflower format has and will feature smaller stores, 10 to 15,000 square feet, and focus on value pricing.

We like to think of them as another Trade Joe’s-like wedge the growing dominance of Whole Foods (okay we’re thinking Balkanization, but somehow that sounds so much better0.

Vendors are excited. So let’s watch and see the rumble in Central Ohio.

And in case you’re asking why we forgot to mention Wild Oats, well, NBN decided if we didn’t have anything nice to say we’d keep our fingers off the keyboard and our proverbial mouth shut.


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