This Just In From Pork Magazine—Hormel Offers Natural Line Of Meats

Well the world really is changing when the folks who make SPAM and a whole world of processed pork, beef and poultry ‘partakings’ have announced a new line of all-natural sandwich meats and ham products.

As reported in the above mentioned magazine, PORK (ah don’t you love trade publication)Hormel’s Natural Choice line is low fat, free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Furthermore the line has no added nitrites or nitrates, no trans fat and packed in recycled packaging, in oh so natural brown and green earth tones.

Nearly every mega-manufacturers is introducing natural and organic lines for Wal-Mart and no doubt Hormel’s effort, launched last month will be gracing the linoleum of Sam Walton’s empire and beyond. The bigger question is will it sell. So far, the most noticeable of these mainstream organic lines, Kellogg’s organic Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran are moving as fast as road kill.

Will anyone care to pay more for Hormel Natural Choice, especially when processed deli meats are often cost less per slice than a sheet high quality stationary. Maybe people do care about the nitrates and floor sweepings that go into many of these products but NBN isn’t so sure.

Stay tuned. NBN is getting hungry. Time to make an Applegate Farms turkey sandwich, which so far is packaged in non-recycled plastic and without the earth tones. From what we’ve understand Wal-Mart’s commitment to going green has got some muscle and vendors will soon be rated according to a sustainability index, something that must have had the Hormel ham packers thinking outside of the pen.


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