Wal-Mart’s New Campaign Makes Us Queasy

New ‘Humanitarian’ Strategy Revealed 

As noted in the March 2nd New York Times, Wal-Mart’s new marketing strategy, that includes selling premium items across all segments isn’t about capturing more and more retail sales it’s a humanitarian effort.

The low price message is now history. In its stead Wal-Mart’s new campaign is to convince America that they are here to serve. Or in Wal-Mart’s words, “saving people money so they can live better lives.”

As noted in the Times the idea is “to squeeze more dollars out of every shopper by stocking higher-end products and marketing them in sleek ads.” NBN says insert irony here.

And hey isn’t reaching out to higher income consumers in search of a deal, exactly what Target has been doing for years? What’s next we wonder? Wal-Mart ads in The New Yorker.


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