Streisand’s I’ll Be Home For Ramadan CD to be Promoted by Near East Foods

Quaker Foods Near East brand announced today that the company would be offering free downloads of Barbra Streisand’s soon to be released I’ll Be Home For Ramadan CD.  The announcement came just one week after the noted Semitic Songstress unveiled her new effort. According to the press release Streisand hopes to facilitate a new dialogue between all peoples with the 12 track disc.In addition to traditional songs the CD will contain new ones, including I’ve Got Sand in My Eyes But Allah in My Heart; Abdul the Red Nosed Camel; Pitas Roasting on an Open Fire; Midnight at the Oasis (remix); I’m Dreaming of a Beige Ramadan and Oh Little Town of Ramallah.


Near East products offering free downloads will be on store shelves by June 2010 ahead of the month long holiday which begins August 11th. Free downloads will be available on the company’s Falafel, Taboule, and Couscous mixes. A spokesperson for Near East, makers of a wide variety of rice, pilaf and couscous dishes, stated that this new effort “is part of our growing effort to increase sales through outreach to new markets as well as giving away free stuff.”


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