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Food Should Taste Good Olive Tortilla Chip

Category: Chips, Pretzels & Snacks: CORN / TORTILLA CHIPS (BLUE, RED, WHI, YLW)  RATING: 3.5 Stars NBN’s REVIEWS  If you love olives as much as your mother, we suggest that you try these chips (and probably also get some therapy, too). While the flavor of corn and olives is a bit unusual, these great tasting […]

Food Should Taste Good Chocolate Tortilla Chip

Category: Chips, Pretzels & Snacks: BAGEL & PITA CHIPS RATING: 4 Stars  NBN’s REVIEWS While we still aren’t sure what to make of these, we love their outside of the box attitude. Savory and chocolate isn’t a new idea but as far as we can tell, these chips are different and we like them..a lot. […]

Dry Soda Lemongrass

Category: Beverages: Soda  RATING: 5 Stars  NBN’s REVIEWS While we don’t imagine this soda will remind you of your favorite Thai restaurant, we do expect that you’ll be love the great flavor and refreshing lightness that left our tasters wanting more. Like the other varieties from Dry we were delighted with this. 

Dry Soda Lavender

Category: Beverages: Soda  RATING: 4 Stars  NBN’s REVIEWS Surprisingly, though quite happily we loved this lavender soda, though overall it was our least favorite variety of Dry. Overall it was refreshing but given the strong associations nearly everyone has with this powerhouse herb, our expectations were somewhat diminished, though it still merits a high rating. […]

Dry Soda Rhubarb Soda

Category: Beverages: Soda RATING: 3.7 Stars  NBN’s REVIEWS When we first discovered these beautiful packaged sodas in the bowels of the Natural Products West basement we were, floored. Since that time the company has received more rave reviews than Mother Theresa. Frankly we didn’t think we would taste something so unique and frankly, interesting. Not […]

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chip

Category: Chips, Pretzels & Snacks: BAGEL & PITA CHIPS RATING: 3.5 Stars  NBN’s REVIEWS Amidst the explosion of multi-grain chips started by General Mills not so healthy for you Sun Chips, these chips are a great tasting and less processed alternative to the other over processed oily mainstream alternatives. We usually get our fiber from […]