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Green Cleaning Deal: Ecover Acquires Method

San Francisco based Method was purchased by Belgium based EU leading green cleaning products manufacturer Ecover on Tuesday.  The combined company will be the largest green cleaning company in the world. Method  transformed the Plain Jane green cleaning category with its trendy packaging and product colors, appealing to everyone from Martha Stewart fans,  climate change deniers […]

Organic Study Claims Reasons to Buy Organic are Unclear

While a review of current studies on the benefits of organic food by researchers at Stanford University and published in the Annals of Internal medicine offers a few nods of the cap to organic, primarily less pesticides, they even question the value of this benefit.  Really? As noted in CNN the report states that “no studies have […]

Lawsuits Over ‘Natural’ Claims More about Predatory Lawyers Than Consumer Clarity

If you haven’t been following the details about the many lawsuits against a slew of food giants ranging from General Mills to ConAgra and Pepsico you might be mistakenly excited over a new era requiring honesty in food labeling.  Yet most of these have less to do with consumer rights and more to do with […]

Is Peet’s Coffee A Billion Dollar Baby?

While some  believe Peet’s is a sweet billion dollar deal for the German JAB Holdings, NBN has some doubts.  Yet the price for Peet’s might get even higher. Bloomberg News reported that some investors think Starbucks is considering making a rival bid to keep the Northern Californian based coffee company from making the struggling coffee giant’s headaches even […]

USDA’s Alfalfa Policy is For the Birds, Where Monsanto Rules the Roost

The ruling by the USDA allowing the use of Monsanto’s genetically modified Roundup Ready alfalfa reminds NBN of breakfast meeting with Thai rice farmers sponsored by the fair trade certified Transfair trade and fair trade food marketer Alter Eco. Farmers that had been growing rice for many centuries were persuaded by the government to utilize […]

Mackey World–Why We Respect His Leadership and Voice and Resent His Ignorance

Of all the things anyone has written or said about John Mackey the word CONVENTIONAL has never been used unless to describe him. Those who were amazed at his comments regarding the health care debate or his assessment that Whole Foods sells mostly junk clearly need to increase their intake of gingko biloba because their […]