Wedding bells were ringing in an undisclosed Northern California location as famed product icons Bernie the Rabbit and Hello Kitty wed. Bernie, the famous spokes model for Annie’s Homegrown, and Kitty famed product icon for San Rio are honeymooning at an undisclosed location. Famed muppet Miss Piggy was reportedly making drunken threats before the couple […]

If you haven’t been following the details about the many lawsuits against a slew of food giants ranging from General Mills to ConAgra and Pepsico you might be mistakenly excited over a new era requiring honesty in food labeling.  Yet most of these have less to do with consumer rights and more to do with […]

Interesting New York Times blog post from Mark Bittman on hard nosed investor interest on organic farming.

Interesting interview or puff piece to pump up investor relations. You decide and let us know.  Of course maybe the two are one and the same.

Dean Foods the world’s largest dairy and owners of Horizon Organic Dairy and Silk, makers of Silk soy milk, creamers and yogurt.  No doubt the IPO success of the tiny Annie’s Homegrown brand must have left the Dean Foods folks stewing in their organic creamer.   More details at Business Week on the IPO for White […]

While not the most informative piece, this iReport on Hamburg Hills Farm in Wisconsin (created by a viewer, not the network) makes NBN grateful for his city-slicker slacker ways.   The farm is part of Organic Valley, the nation’s leading organic milk brand is a farmer cooperative.