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Clif Bar’s Gary Erickson Named Most Influential Industry Leader

Editor’s Note: We created this list a few years ago and what’s surprising is how relevant it still is today.  Read it and let us know what you think.  We’ll be updating our honor roll later this year.  Click Here to view our Top 50.  Well, it was a close battle but in the end, Clif Bar’s […]

Whole Foods Just Says No to Live Lobsters

In a move consistent with WFM’s visionary John Mackey’s vegan lifestyle Whole Foods Market will discontinue selling live lobsters. While animal rights activist applaud the move, NBN wonders if more than concern for animals inspired it.As a native New Englander NBN has always been mortified at the prospect of boiling those poor creatures alive. Mortified […]

NYC Union Expands Campaign Against Whole Foods

‘Right Wing’ Views Of WFM CEO To Be Publicized If you read NBN regularly, you know we love calling Whole Foods, America’s glitziest non-union grocer. When WFM’s second store launched on Union Square the site of many important battles in America’s labor movement, that the ghost’s of labor past were likely shaking their heads. Well […]

John Mackey on Conscious Capitalism in Huffington Post

As we’ve written here, whatever you think about Whole Food’s John Mackey he’s worth paying attention to. Furthermore despite our criticism, the fact is that we in America would be a lot better off if our corporate leaders were a lot more like him. Like many libertarians we think he is about as naive as most second […]

Mackey, Health Care, Fat Loss Incentives and The Cranky Critics

Well we’re beginning to think that if John Mackey were to save a baby from a burning house more than a few would complain he forgot to get the little tyke’s teddy bear, proving he’s a villain to the core.  Criticism over Whole Foods recent announcement that it was offering incentives to employees through a […]

New Yorker Magazine Profile of Whole Foods John Mackey

The New Yorker Magazine’s Nick Paumgarten profiles John Mackey in the January 4 issue. While NBN has written about Mackey’s idiosyncrasies in the past this profile was a page turner. Some moments reminded us of our favorite but very conservative philosophy teacher and others that seemed to be perfect for a new Jaqueline Susann novel.Read it here. […]