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It’s March, so I Must Be in Anaheim at Expo West

Lots of New Products, Lots of People Crowd Show Floor as NBN Says, “Get Me Some Yerba Mate” NBN will have plenty more on the Show of Shows (with apologies to Ed Sullivan) but an early look tells us that there are more new products here than we’ve seen in years. Additionally, we’ve noticed lots […]

Overheard at Expo West—A Small Compilation of the Humurous and Inane

Overheard at the Expo  At a leading personal care booth: “Why should I give you a sample for your girlfriend? She isn’t my bitch.” Note: We think this was a joke. At the Clif Bar booth: “Everybody tells me I have a really great ass?” At the Kettle Chips booth: “Tastes like potato chips.” At […]

Natural Products Expo West—Ah, Anaheim

NBN will have plenty more on the show of shows (with apologies to Ed Sullivan) but an early look tell us that they’re are more new products here than we’ve seen in years. Additionally we;ve noticed lots of folks crowding the floor who we’re sure don’t know the difference between barley malt and Birkenstocks. In […]

Do Natural Products Expo Attendees Drink More Booze

A little known fact, or should we say rumor, came our way last week. Turns out that the staff at the Anaheim Marriott stated that they serve more alcohol at the hotel bars during Expo West than any other convention.”Bartender, I’ll have a double Maker’s Mark and a some carob coated rice cakes, please.” For […]

Natural Products Expo West 2006: The Hall Was Alive

Dateline: Anaheim, home of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, tons of cursing parents toting kids and of course every March, the good old Natural Products Expo. This year the show broke record attendance with more than 40,000 attendees according to New Hope’s PR person). On Friday the show floor was so packed it seemed more like Macy’s the day after Thanksgiving. […]

The Ginger People Spice Up Expo West

Let’s begin with an editorial disclaimer. NBN loves this brand. The Ginger People make honest products and unlike so many manufacturers today, aren’t peddling their wares based on some mildly truthful health claims. What they do peddle is good tasting products wrapped up in playfully creative packaging.  We bee lined to the booth to see if […]