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Senate Proposes Changes on Organic Rules

Is It Like Putting the Fox in Charge of Guarding The Henhouse  More and more granola minded soccer moms are buying organic nut butters, gallons of Odwalla juices and Amy’s Organic frozen dinners at big box stores. No surprise here. In San Francisco, I know lots of folks who load up their Volvos at Whole […]

Scharffen Berger Slurped Up By Giant

Hershey Extends Reach To Upscale Chocolate Lovers  Now that someone no longer owns Scharffen Berger we care for, it’s time to reveal a nasty comment made by a colleague earlier this spring. “The more I eat Dagoba, the more Scharffen Berger is starting to taste like Hershey.” We’ll see if the candy giant keeps the […]

Best New Beverage for Summertime: Santa Cruz Organic Fair Trade Tea Blends

Unless you or your Uncle Tony are in the beverage business you might not know that soda sales are declining nearly as fast as George W. Bush’s approval rating. In the meantime, big soda players like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are scrambling fast and furious to reap sales in new markets such as water and ready-to-drink […]

Martha Stewart Goes Fair Trade with Alter Eco

Okay, folks: given our reputation among some as a cynical son-of-a-bitch, it might be hard to believe but we actually like Martha Stewart. Or said another way, we think she deserves a break. That she has gotten a bum rap, and more.  Even before her jail time for insider trading—something we think so many Hedge […]

Thoughts on Fair Trade Day

If you’re not aware of the growing social movement to create market-based approaches to reducing poverty throughout the globe take a look at Transfair to learn more. For information on where to purchase fair traded products such as coffee, tea, rice, sugar, cacao, fruit and flowers that guarantee fair prices to the farmers and their families search here for […]

Kill The Precedent: Fair Trade from Alter Ec

Okay we stole that edgy headline. It’s from Nate Mezmer’s new soul-ish, hip hop-ish album but NBN thinks that the title applies to the line of terrific fair trade products from the folks at Alter Eco.   Fair trade seeks to guarantee workers decent working conditions and revenues and to facilitate the development and steady growth […]