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A Brief History of Corporate Science; You Know Agent Orange and DDT Are Safe, Nicotine and Cancer are unrelated

Brilliant video in support of California’s Proposition 37 (which calls for the labeling of GMO products) the  reminding us how science is about as pliable as Silly Putty especially when profits are involved.  And in case you don’t already know organic food does not contain GMO ingredients. Advertisements

Lawsuits Over ‘Natural’ Claims More about Predatory Lawyers Than Consumer Clarity

If you haven’t been following the details about the many lawsuits against a slew of food giants ranging from General Mills to ConAgra and Pepsico you might be mistakenly excited over a new era requiring honesty in food labeling.  Yet most of these have less to do with consumer rights and more to do with […]

FDA Drafts Guidelines to Regulate Supplements, Herbs as Drugs

Once again the FDA has issued guidelines that would allow it to regulate non-toxic, supplements and herbal products. This Monday the FDA announced via a document posted on its website a new “guidance” document, plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks will […]

Vitamin E, Echinacea Continue to Lose Sales

As regular readers of NBN know (and if you’re not a regular reader get with it!) starting in 2005 and continuing in 2006 the media was rife ongoing reports over the inefficacy of nutritional supplements with Vitamin E and Echinacea bearing the brunt of the bad press. Studies about these were widely reported, overstated and […]

Chromium Gets FDA Approval—Health Claim for Diabetes Approved

In case you think chromium is just for the fenders on cars built before 1980, think again. A recent FDA ruling allowing qualified health claims for chromium picolinate might mean you’ll see cereal boxes touting ‘added chromium.’ As the supplement savvy NBN readers know, chromium, in the form of chromium picolinate, has been shown to […]

Politics Rule The Roost As Another FDA Official Resigns

The director of the FDA’s Office of Women’s Health, Susan Wood, resigned Wednesday over the agency’s decision to postpone indefinitely a ruling on whether to allow the sale of the morning-after pill to be sold without a prescription. The pill, used as an emergency contraceptive device, was deemed safe and recommended for OTC sale, by […]