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Whole Foods and The Federal Trade Commission Battle Royale

While NBN is a frequent critic of Whole Foods but the claim that they are creating a monopoly is baseless. Even for those of us who favor greater regulation of business this makes no sense.All the trends points to the opposite fact. Natural and organic products are everywhere. Products that once available only in natural […]

Department of Justice Approves Sirius Merger, Leaving Us Wondering More About Scrutiny over Whole Foods Purchase of Wild Oats

Regular readers know that we were a bit confused about why the seemingly merger-happy Federal Trade Commission deemed Whole Foods’ purchase of Wild Oats as anti-competitive. It just didn’t make sense. Even if you believe, like we do, that the government should be more involved in the regulation of mergers, this one left us scratching our […]

Whole Foods Anti-Trust Regulatory Review Leaves Us Confuse

Before beginning we want to admit to any new readers, that when it comes to Whole Foods, NBN is the nerd in the schoolyard who loves it when the bully gets in trouble.  In other words we’re fond of slapping Whole Foods around when the company acts a bit holier than thou. Yet for the […]