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Anyone Want to Buy A Bridge–And How About Wal-Mart Going Green

Supermarket News reported yesterday that Wal-Mart is incorporating experimental green design elements in a new superstore that it is building in McKinney, Texas. While the company failed to provide further Supermarket New with further details, the story reports that Wal-Mart states that it “will incorporate experiments from 21 companies involving new equipment and technology on […]

Wal-Mart’s Corporate Sustainability Consultancy?

A story at GreenBiz.com recently caught our attention. Turns out that there’s an interesting side business for the Walmart, that epitomizes much of the problems with American market capitalism When Wal-Mart isn’t getting vendors to pare prices down to the bone or leveraging new locations to maximize business from rural Americans with too few places […]

Whole Foods Glastonbury, Greenest Supermarket in America Uses Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

As reported in the Waterbury Republican-American the newly opened Whole Foods Market in Glastonbury, Connecticut is the first supermarket in the world to use fuel cell technology to power its store. The fuel cell power plant built which is located at the rear of the store was built and is owned by UTC Power a division of […]