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Windpower is Stirring Things Up

In the 1970’s my parents installed solar panels on our house in Connecticut. They were supposed to power the water heater. Instead they powered my father’s cynicism about renewable energy. The concept was right but the technology wasn’t.  Over thirty years later things have changed dramatically. Yet while interest in solar is strong among many […]

Industry Interview: Peggy Farabaugh of Innovative & Green Vermont Wood Studios

NBN has known more than a few artisan wood workers and understands that an avid passion for making fine furniture combined with extreme talent doesn’t mean that sales come knocking on the hand hewn door.  It seems, at least from our anecdotal research, that its nearly harder to find customers than it is to find […]

SolarDay 2010 — Celebrate, Create the Future

While news stories continue to report China’s growing leadership in the development of solar power and other forms of clean energy, NBN was glad to learn of a powerful coalition of solar advocated growing here at home. SolarDay launched last year is a national and global effort seeking to raise awareness of the benefits of solar energy, encourage […]

Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers Bought by S.C. Johnson

As reported in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal on April 28, Minneapolis based Caldrea, makers of the highly successful Mrs. Meyers brand of biodegradable laundry, house and pet cleaning products was purchased by S.C. Johnson for an undisclosed sum. S.C. Johnson & Son, makers of Windex, Raid, Scrubbing Bubbles and Ziploc bags is the second […]

Whole Foods Glastonbury, Greenest Supermarket in America Uses Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

As reported in the Waterbury Republican-American the newly opened Whole Foods Market in Glastonbury, Connecticut is the first supermarket in the world to use fuel cell technology to power its store. The fuel cell power plant built which is located at the rear of the store was built and is owned by UTC Power a division of […]

Wilson Unveils Green Basketball

As part of the green trend we see lots of products come on our way, and until we get our new product review section set up, most don’t merit attention for our regular news. Once we get our product review section up we’re sure a lot of them will merit negative attention, but c’est la […]