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Newsweek Small Business Panel Looks at Guayaki

Ask anyone who works at Guayaki why the love yerba mate and you’ll be left impressed. Not only will you learn a lot but you’ll come away wishing you loved your job as much as these folks. Newsweek Magazine’s Small Business Panel featured Guayaki, noting both the company’s enviable growth rate of 30% and its […]

Think Bar at Expo West

As regular readers, know we’re a bit hard-headed when it comes to reporting on our suddenly hot and trendy industry. After all, to those of us who have spent decades trying to create a sustainable economy, the LOOK MA OUR COMPANY MADE A SOLAR WAREHOUSE or HEY WE BUY WIND POWER sort of marketing makes […]

Lessons that Hain Can Learn From Guayaki

A colleague’s account of the Canadian wedding of one of Guayaki’s founder said that the wedding was terrific, one of the best he had ever attended.  And also this: that Guayaki’s new ready to drink raspberry yerba mate is tremendous vodka mixer. Anyone who has seen the Guayaki booth at the Expo knows the fun, […]