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Hain’s Spectrum to Sponsor TV Cooking Show

In noteworthy news for a company that we frequently think has too many brands to manage, Spectrum Organics will be a major sponsor of noted chef Jacques Pepin’s new TV show, ‘Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way’, starting this fall on PBS.  Creative moves like this have been historically absent in Hain’s recent strategy, and should provide […]

Hain Impresses Wall Street While Whole Foods Leaves Em Worried

Wall Street’s love affair with natural and organic got a little more interesting as two recent conference calls suggest that our analysis of Whole Foods efforts as sluggish, are on the mark, while our previous doubts about Hain Celestial Foods long term strategy for growth needs some rethinking.  While Whole Foods total sales increased 28% […]

Fine Tuning Our Cynical Radar and Rethinking Hain Celestial Foods

 Lately we have been talking to more than a few readers and industry muckety mucks and some have suggested that we’re a bit too cynical and our critical thinking radar needs some fine-tuning.  Frankly, while we love pointing out where other people have made decisions that we say are stupid,  this time we see that […]

Expo East: All the News and All the Snooze

After a last minute decision to attend Expo East we left the show happy to see old friends but more and more convinced that the Baltimore show is as exciting as yesterday’s meat loaf left out in the rain. What we mean is that fewer established manufacturers bother to exhibit, (this holds true for the […]

Buyer’s Remorse: Why Bigger Natural Companies Often Aren’t Better

Lest anyone get us wrong, big companies buying small ones isn’t necessarily a problem for NBN.  Usually yes, but if Organic Valley for some reason were to buy up, say, Mozzarella Fresca, well, we wouldn’t really care about that one. But the difference is simple.  Most buyouts are efforts to maximize profits and have about […]

Hain At It Again-Spectrum Latest Acquisition By Ever Hungry Irwin Simon

Hain At It Again-Spectrum Latest Acquisition By Ever Hungry Irwin Simon The ever acquisition hungry Hain Food Group, led by our industry’s own Little Caesar, Irwin Simon, is reported to have reached terms to purchase Petaluma, California based Spectrum Organic Products for approximately $34.5 million, or 70 cents a share, about 5% over Spectrum’s current […]