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Hershey’s Grabs More Candy Joseph Schmidt Added to Giant’s Arsen

While NBN doesn’t like the taste of Joseph Schmidt chocolates—they’re too waxy—back in 1989, upon first moving to San Francisco, we fell in love with Schmidt’s small chocolate shop on 16th street in the Castro district. Before distribution grew big, his store was a destination for all my out of town friends, gawking at the […]

Scharffen Berger Slurped Up By Giant

Hershey Extends Reach To Upscale Chocolate Lovers  Now that someone no longer owns Scharffen Berger we care for, it’s time to reveal a nasty comment made by a colleague earlier this spring. “The more I eat Dagoba, the more Scharffen Berger is starting to taste like Hershey.” We’ll see if the candy giant keeps the […]

Buyer’s Remorse: Why Bigger Natural Companies Often Aren’t Better

Lest anyone get us wrong, big companies buying small ones isn’t necessarily a problem for NBN.  Usually yes, but if Organic Valley for some reason were to buy up, say, Mozzarella Fresca, well, we wouldn’t really care about that one. But the difference is simple.  Most buyouts are efforts to maximize profits and have about […]