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Honest Tea Splashes Big In Sunday New York Times

In case you don’t read the New York Times the allure of the Times Sunday Magazine is akin to the magic of St. Peter’s to a nun. People save it for months; refer to it at cocktail parties, dinner dates and board meetings. They are stacked by the pool house in the Hamptons, and revered […]

LaraBar Bought by General Mills

We’ve been in business long enough and worked in the food business even longer that we know that when someone sells, it isn’t doesn’t mean someone is selling out.  It might just mean that they’re tired, bored, or just got some kids to put through college. We’re not sure if any of these apply to […]

Obama Loves Honest Tea Forest Berry

So we know this is old news but frankly we were just so busy preparing out soon to be launched Product Review section that we forgot to post this story from the May 28th New York Times. The front page piece detailed the job of Reggie Love, Obama’s assistant, and among other things, what Obama […]

Coca-Cola Buys 40% Share of Honest Tea

When we first heard the news that Honest Tea and Coke we’re merging we thought “Oh no, Coke will ruin them.” Then we reread the release and were relieved, learning that at least for now, Coke just bought 40%. Furthermore, we thought, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to grow their business with that kind of […]