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Mackey’s Chat Room Escapades; Much Ado About Nothing

Death to Rahodeb We have a uniquely minority viewpoint in regards to John Mackey’s investor chat room fun.  When company is raked over the coals for things like Mackey’s internet interludes, while others are routinely applauded for massive layoffs, perhaps the business media has been duped by too many fancy cocktail parties or lunches to […]

Whole Foods Anti-Trust Regulatory Review Leaves Us Confuse

Before beginning we want to admit to any new readers, that when it comes to Whole Foods, NBN is the nerd in the schoolyard who loves it when the bully gets in trouble.  In other words we’re fond of slapping Whole Foods around when the company acts a bit holier than thou. Yet for the […]

Whole Foods Buys Wild Oats for $565 Million

While here  at NBN we’ve been predicting the sale of Wild Oats for more than year, last week, when we wrote “sooner or later some mid-size conventional chain will be more than happy (desperate, really) to buy Oats for top dollar little did we guess that the buyer was going to be none other than […]