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CPG Anti GMO Brands Face Boycott

The Organic Consumers Association is calling for a boycott of  natural/organic brands whose parent companies donated heavily to defeat California’s Proposition 37 that would have required the labeling of GMO ingredients.  We agree.   The culprits include Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen and LaraBar (owned by General Mills), Odwalla and Honest Tea (owned by Coca Cola), […]

Is Peet’s Coffee A Billion Dollar Baby?

While some  believe Peet’s is a sweet billion dollar deal for the German JAB Holdings, NBN has some doubts.  Yet the price for Peet’s might get even higher. Bloomberg News reported that some investors think Starbucks is considering making a rival bid to keep the Northern Californian based coffee company from making the struggling coffee giant’s headaches even […]

Senate Proposes Changes on Organic Rules

Is It Like Putting the Fox in Charge of Guarding The Henhouse  More and more granola minded soccer moms are buying organic nut butters, gallons of Odwalla juices and Amy’s Organic frozen dinners at big box stores. No surprise here. In San Francisco, I know lots of folks who load up their Volvos at Whole […]

Gardenburger, Seeks Buyers Former Veggie Burger King Continues Struggling

Not too long ago, when someone said ‘veggie burger,’ they meant Gardenburger. Today the company’s is synonymous with that familiar story: the industry leader and innovator becomes the industry loser, a has been, as the company rapidly loses sales to those that followed in its wake. So it is with no surprise that the long […]

Barbara’s Bakery In Wedding Talks with Tony The Tiger, Captain Crunch

Weetabix Close to Dealing Off American Cousin According to a report in the Times of London online edition, Weetabix is reportedly days away from signing a deal to sell leading natural cereal maker and a private label portion of it’s business in an effort to focus on it’s Weetabix and Alpen and Ready Brek lines. […]

Nature’s Path Granola Bars Make Old School New Again

Every once in a while NBN needs to hold back on a story and read it a few days later because it’s so god damn gushy that any newcomer to the site might wonder if my cousin owns the company or I’m trying to bed the brand manager. Along with Amy’s Kitchen, Clif Bar and […]