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Now For Some Good News—Money Talks, Antibiotics Walk—At Least A Little Bit

Okay so this doesn’t signify a revolutionary change in the way food is processed, but two items in today’s Supermarket News online edition suggest that the interests of agribusiness may be increasingly at odds with the concerns of those actually bring the foods to markets. Albertson’s announced the introduction all natural antibiotic and growth hormone […]

The Winter Olympics—What Hain and McDonalds Have in Common

Fascinating article on feeding Olympic athletes.   Wonder if antacids are popular too.

Forty-Five Million Americans Uninsured–Health Warning On French Fries Urged

 Okay so maybe we’re cynical, and not quite seeing the forest for the trees, but California Attorney General Bill Lockyer’s recent move to add health warnings to French fries and potato chips leaves us wondering if this idea came from an episode of the Simpson’s. What,” we imagine Homer exclaiming in shock “French fries ARE […]