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USDA’s Alfalfa Policy is For the Birds, Where Monsanto Rules the Roost

The ruling by the USDA allowing the use of Monsanto’s genetically modified Roundup Ready alfalfa reminds NBN of breakfast meeting with Thai rice farmers sponsored by the fair trade certified Transfair trade and fair trade food marketer Alter Eco. Farmers that had been growing rice for many centuries were persuaded by the government to utilize […]

Monsanto’s Growing Dominance Detailed in AP Report

We don’t quite believe in conspiracy theories but Monsanto is starting to make us think NBN is a bit more pollyanna than previously believed. http://salon.com/food/growers_and_producers/index.html?story=/food/2009/12/13/us_seed_giant

Organic Farming Combats Global Warming? Rodale Institute Shows How

According to research by the Rodale Institute—leaders in research about organic farming—organic methods can provide a powerful tool to reduce global warming. The report Regenerative 21st Century Farming: A Solution to Global Warming, authored by Dr.Timothy LaSalle, Rodale Institute’s CEO, and Dr. Paul Pepperly, Research Director, According to the report “organic practices, sometimes referred to […]

What’s Good for Monsanto Is Good For Iraq?

We recently spoke with Rob Mitchell, one of San Francisco’s natural food pioneers (but who still looks great, and much younger than his years) and he told us that under the new rules of privatization in Iraq’s proposed constitution, farmers would be required to buy seeds, from Monsanto.  Those seeds from Monsanto are, of course,GMO […]