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CNN Money Profiles United Natural Foods’ Michael Funk

While not newsworthy to those of us in the industry, CNN pulled back the curtain back to reveal the Wizard beyond United Natural Foods Michael Funk.  NBN remembers meeting Funk by the keg of Sierra Nevada ale, in the then brand new Mountain People’s Warehouse in Aurora, California. Oddly enough, Funk, as atypical as any CEO in […]

Tree of Life To Be Sold—UNFI Purported Suitor

While not as mighty as General Motors, to those who grew up in the industry during the 1980’s Tree of Life’s demise signals the complete transformation of the industry. Consolidation is king! Once upon a time natural distribuors were regional, all with the exception of Tree. Rock Island and Stow Mills in the Northeast, Mountain […]

United Natural Foods Conference Call—Will Wall Street See Roses in the Warehouse?

For a long time we’ve been wondering when Wall Street would wake up and smell the roses lurking in the forklifts, warehouses and trucks emblazoned with the United Natural Foods logo.  UNFI’s recent conference call shows us more reasons why we wonder. The call suggests what we’ve said all along, that the company’s acquisition of […]