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Lawsuits Over ‘Natural’ Claims More about Predatory Lawyers Than Consumer Clarity

If you haven’t been following the details about the many lawsuits against a slew of food giants ranging from General Mills to ConAgra and Pepsico you might be mistakenly excited over a new era requiring honesty in food labeling.  Yet most of these have less to do with consumer rights and more to do with […]

Nature’s Path Granola Bars Make Old School New Again

Every once in a while NBN needs to hold back on a story and read it a few days later because it’s so god damn gushy that any newcomer to the site might wonder if my cousin owns the company or I’m trying to bed the brand manager. Along with Amy’s Kitchen, Clif Bar and […]

People We Love: Nature’s Path

Once upon a time, organic foods weren’t something you bought. You either grew them yourself, or bought them from the old lady down the street. You know, the one with the strong Italian accent, who did things the funny, slow way, and used to tell you how things were better way back when. Arran Stephens, […]