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Organic Study Claims Reasons to Buy Organic are Unclear

While a review of current studies on the benefits of organic food by researchers at Stanford University and published in the Annals of Internal medicine offers a few nods of the cap to organic, primarily less pesticides, they even question the value of this benefit.  Really? As noted in CNN the report states that “no studies have […]

Wal-Mart to the World: We Want to be the #1 Organic Retailer

Wal-Mart’s recent announcement that it plans on rapidly expanding its selection of organic items in its stores garnered plenty of attention. Yet NBN believes that while Wal-Mart is seriously considering the opportunities here, we aren’t holding our breath. Of course we know that there will be more and more organic milk, peanut butter and dry […]

Poison Pet Food—Its Like Alar On Apples

Why Its Time To Start Educating Consumers  Well I love my cats almost more than myself. And yes I feed them the good natural stuff too, without preservatives and probably better for humans than most of the crackers at my local supermarket. Turns out that the unfortunate pet-poisoning incident has been a boom for natural […]

Wild Oats Products Hit Price Chopper—Is the Brand Worth More Than The Stores

As regular readers know we have been following Ron Burkle’s interest in the Wild Oats chain closely. So far, despite his nearly 25% ownership and placement of many of his people at the helm, things have remained pretty much the same at Oats. At least so far. More recently we’ve talked to folks who suggest […]

Senate Proposes Changes on Organic Rules

Is It Like Putting the Fox in Charge of Guarding The Henhouse  More and more granola minded soccer moms are buying organic nut butters, gallons of Odwalla juices and Amy’s Organic frozen dinners at big box stores. No surprise here. In San Francisco, I know lots of folks who load up their Volvos at Whole […]

Feds Reverse Ban on Use of USDA Organic Seal—Let Them Eat Soap

The USDA announced that it would reverse a rule prohibiting the use of the USDA Organic seal on body care, pet food and all other non-food items. Last April the Agency decided that only food items could use the USDA seal. Previous to that, under advisory rulings the agency had allowed organic claims for non-food […]