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People We Love: About Our Authors

Retail, the final frontier. These are the voyages of leaders we love. To boldy go where no man or woman has gone before, ignoring all sane counsel, working long hours for often little profit, making quality goods and not selling out. SO let us explain. At first we were going to call this column our […]

People We Love: Nell Newman

We’ve mentioned here before that we love children, as long as they aren’t our own. Years ago, back in the mid 1980’s, I worked at a natural foods store in Westport, Connecticut—Paul Newman’s hometown. A woman who worked for ‘the family’ would come in, gracious and quiet and also, a bit weary, I thought, of […]

People We Love: Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream

LALOO’S goat milk ice cream started in a yoga class. While I don’t know the details I know that life can light up when you stretch the body and the breath deep. But if your yoga instructor told you to give up all cow dairy and only consume goat milk, what would you do about […]

People We Love: Nature’s Path

Once upon a time, organic foods weren’t something you bought. You either grew them yourself, or bought them from the old lady down the street. You know, the one with the strong Italian accent, who did things the funny, slow way, and used to tell you how things were better way back when. Arran Stephens, […]

People We Love: Annie’s Naturals Salad Dressings

My first trade show I saw her, looking like my friend Byron Stookey’s mom, somewhat hippie, somewhat suburban, all combined to looking pretty cool. I think it was 1986, perhaps in Las Vegas at the Nutritional Foods Association Show or maybe it was Anaheim. (Note to self: time for more ginkgo!) She was selling her […]