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An RFID Tag Walked Into A Recycling Center

As reported in Supermarket News, the Fibre Box Association has commissioned a study to determine the impact of RFID tags on the recycling of boxes. Given the almost certain probability that RFID tags on boxes will soon begin to appear in recycling mills, the Association is looking at how to minimize the impact of these […]

Documentary GARBAGE DREAMS Might Change Your Life Or At Least Your Attitude Towards It

At NBN we think and write an awful lot about consumer products, their distribution, and consumption, and over consumption too, so it’s all too easy to fall into the conventional thinking of the proudly left of center, light-footed Eco-conscious American.  So we frequently have to remind ourselves that most of the complaints we have are […]

TerraCycle Transforms Middle Age Cynic into Youthful Idealist

One of the humbling things about straddling the line between the Baby Boomers and Generation X isn’t getting older. After all as far as we’ve understood that’s the only option unless you have a real hankering to become worm food. No the humbling part is coming to realize that so many of those things your […]

Wilson Unveils Green Basketball

As part of the green trend we see lots of products come on our way, and until we get our new product review section set up, most don’t merit attention for our regular news. Once we get our product review section up we’re sure a lot of them will merit negative attention, but c’est la […]