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Rethinking Wild Oats

Could It Be Time to Call Your Stock Broker?  Recently I had an interesting conversation with an industry friend; one that started out as a debate about Wild Oats and ended up with NBN thinking about the perennial also ran a lot differently. What I noticed is this. So what if Wild Oats is the […]

Whole Foods Buys Wild Oats for $565 Million

While here  at NBN we’ve been predicting the sale of Wild Oats for more than year, last week, when we wrote “sooner or later some mid-size conventional chain will be more than happy (desperate, really) to buy Oats for top dollar little did we guess that the buyer was going to be none other than […]

Burkle and Cerberus Group Move Closer to Wild Oats Purchase Wild Oats Stock Price Rises Again Amidst News

Wild Oats Stock Price Rises Again Amidst News As regular readers of NBN already know, Ron Burkle, the billionaire head of the Yucaipa Investment Group (and former Ralph’s chief) already controls 14.9% of Wild Oats. Sources at the EXPO told NBN this weekend that Burkle has greatly increased his shares of Wild Oats shares in […]

Ralph Bigwig Eats His Oats

Is Ron Burkle Just Sewing His Wild Oats Or Is This A Marriage Worth Rooting For? Billionaire grocer and Democratic Party donor Daddy, Ron Burkle, purchased 2.6 million shares or 9.2% of Wild Oats, and according to reports, may start issuing orders to the Oats Board of Directors. Burkle, ranked by Fortune Magazine as 51st […]