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Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers Bought by S.C. Johnson

As reported in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal on April 28, Minneapolis based Caldrea, makers of the highly successful Mrs. Meyers brand of biodegradable laundry, house and pet cleaning products was purchased by S.C. Johnson for an undisclosed sum. S.C. Johnson & Son, makers of Windex, Raid, Scrubbing Bubbles and Ziploc bags is the second […]

Think Bar at Expo West

As regular readers, know we’re a bit hard-headed when it comes to reporting on our suddenly hot and trendy industry. After all, to those of us who have spent decades trying to create a sustainable economy, the LOOK MA OUR COMPANY MADE A SOLAR WAREHOUSE or HEY WE BUY WIND POWER sort of marketing makes […]

New York Times On Clorox Green Works

Maybe once again we expect too much from the media. But it seems like common sense that a piece in in today’s New York Times in a section called Greening Business discussing Clorox’ new Green Works line of soap and cleansers, would have to devote more than just give a mere passing mention to the company that started it […]

CNNMoney on Wal-Mart and Seventh Generation

In an otherwise run-of-the-mill story on green consumer goods, CNNMoney reported on opportunities for Seventh Generation to sell products in Wal-Mart. The story money.cnn.com/news/articles/newstex/IBD-0001-23786283.htm reported that Wal-Mart has contacted Seventh Generation about selling its products. Notably, the piece glaringly failed to mention https://naturalbusinessnews.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/clorox-goes-natural-with-burts-bees-and-green-works Clorox’s recent entry into the biodegradable cleaning segment, which left us thinking it […]

Seventh Generation Meet Todd Oldham, Martha Stewart

Green Household Manufacturer Hits Shelves in 51 Target Stores  As part of a test market Seventh Generation, the leading US manufacuturer of green household products launched end displays in 51 Target stores last week. As expected outlying San Francisco city, Daly City’s Target is one of these test stores. Stay tuned for a report from […]