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Tesco’s U.S. Launch Has Whole Foods Worried

American grocers are nervously awaiting Tesco’s opening of their “Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets” in the U.S. Tesco’s plans include opening locations in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and possibly Colorado. While initially billed by the retailer as a new type of convenience store, the format more closely resembles a hybrid that combines the best of […]

Hartman Group on Tesco’s Fresh and Easy Failure

While we were among those who initially reported that U.K. giant Tesco’s willingness to spend up to $1 billion dollars to enter the U.S. had Whole Foods bigwigs shaking in their granola boots we were wrong. We got our proverbial viewfinder in by the market research mavens at the Hartman Group last February. In their Tesco White […]

Scouting Report From Whole Foods London

Though modest as websites go, we have our ways and recently we sent our overseas correspondent to scout out the new Whole Foods behemoth on posh Kensington High. She lives just a few blocks away, is wealthy and loves good, fresh quality foods. Most of the time she’s at the country house in Staffordshire. She […]

Hartman Group’s Tinderbox Dampens Tesco’s Heat

Among the many newsletters we get, one of our favorites is Tinderbox, an effort produced by the Hartman Group. In the current issue they prove NBN—and many others— wrong in our assessment of Tesco’s mighty punch. Their early looks suggest that despite Tesco’s fat wallet, filled with the increasingly valuable British pound, the UK Giant […]