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The Suburban Cheapskate: Love Affair Blooms, With Cassava Chips

When you find yourself holding food up to the light like it’s a shard of medieval stained glass, you’re either at the peak of a high caused by your favorite illegal substance or you’re humbled by a sliver of the divine. We may find that the cassava chip will someday be hailed as a design […]

The Suburban Cheapskate

If you knew me personally, the first thing you’d ask when you heard that I’m writing for this site would be: “Why would they want YOU to write articles for THEM?”You might wonder what a guy who never buys organic is doing here. If you thought that I’m looking to be saved, for a messianic […]

The Suburban Cheapskate: THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCO

Think global, act loco  I’m in Orange County, California. That simple statement elicits reactions. Ok any simple statement will elicit some kind of reaction; even indifference has its facial tics. But when you’re the subject of television soap operas and you are populated by the crème de la crème of affluent trailer trash, you tend […]