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While Wall Street Licks Its Chops, Union Works To Protect Albertson’s Workers

While we weren’t surprised by the recent announcement that Albertson’s is looking for buyers nor the news of so many investment types anxiously throwing their hats into the ring of potential buyers, we were happily caught off guard by the fact that Supermarket News noted the United Food & Commerical Workers union’s concern over the […]

Two Investment Bankers Went Shopping for Flaxseed Oil

Is Wall Street Worried About Whole Foods?  Recent volatility and downgrades WFM’s stock may not have tarnished it’s platinum sheen but NBN wonders if the presence of two new New York City stores, may have members of the Wall Street elite wondering, “is the magic really all there?” In other words are more Investment Muckety […]

Wall Street Jounral on the Never Ending Raw Milk Controversy

Wonder where the tea party folks with signs about keeping government out of their medicare feel about this one.  Read the story here with registration  

Hain Impresses Wall Street While Whole Foods Leaves Em Worried

Wall Street’s love affair with natural and organic got a little more interesting as two recent conference calls suggest that our analysis of Whole Foods efforts as sluggish, are on the mark, while our previous doubts about Hain Celestial Foods long term strategy for growth needs some rethinking.  While Whole Foods total sales increased 28% […]

Hain Stock Downgraded

We’ve frequently written that we don’t understand Wall Street’s love affair with Hain-Celestial and while we’d be the first to admit we understand Wall Street as much as we know how to drive the Apollo Spaceship Lunar Module we felt somewhat gratified that Wall Street decided that the price for Hain’s love might be a bit to […]