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Forget Wal-Mart? Target Will Be The Real Mass Market Organic Powerhouse

Of course forgetting Wal-Mart is like forgetting global warming.  It can’t be done.  Unless you’re dead. But here’s the point.  While Wal-Mart will be a major force in any market it enters, its ability to reach natural and organic consumers is limited.  They don’t like shopping there and when these folks do, they are often […]

CNNMoney on Wal-Mart and Seventh Generation

In an otherwise run-of-the-mill story on green consumer goods, CNNMoney reported on opportunities for Seventh Generation to sell products in Wal-Mart. The story money.cnn.com/news/articles/newstex/IBD-0001-23786283.htm reported that Wal-Mart has contacted Seventh Generation about selling its products. Notably, the piece glaringly failed to mention https://naturalbusinessnews.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/clorox-goes-natural-with-burts-bees-and-green-works Clorox’s recent entry into the biodegradable cleaning segment, which left us thinking it […]

Wal-Mart Schmal Mart

Nearly a year ago, America’s largest retailer made an announcement. Coinciding with the opening day of Natural Products Expo West, Wal-Mart declared its intention to add thousands of natural and organic SKUs to it shelves. Today that promise seems a lot like NBN’s vow to get to the gym.  It just hasn’t happened and we […]

Wal-Mart’s Organic Ambition Shakes Up The Natural Products Expo

Giant Retailer Rattles Some Nerves, Has Others Dreaming of Gold While we didn’t get to talk to any of the Wal-Mart buyers that were at the show and who everyone was looking for, we do know one thing: Wal-Mart was on everywhere lips at the Expo in Anaheim, spoken with trepidation from some, and excitement […]