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Whole Foods Walter Robb in BusinessWeek

Interesting interview or puff piece to pump up investor relations. You decide and let us know.  Of course maybe the two are one and the same. Advertisements

It’s March, so I Must Be in Anaheim at Expo West

Lots of New Products, Lots of People Crowd Show Floor as NBN Says, “Get Me Some Yerba Mate” NBN will have plenty more on the Show of Shows (with apologies to Ed Sullivan) but an early look tells us that there are more new products here than we’ve seen in years. Additionally, we’ve noticed lots […]

Tesco’s U.S. Launch Has Whole Foods Worried

American grocers are nervously awaiting Tesco’s opening of their “Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets” in the U.S. Tesco’s plans include opening locations in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and possibly Colorado. While initially billed by the retailer as a new type of convenience store, the format more closely resembles a hybrid that combines the best of […]

Was Wal-Mart’s Interest In Wild Oats The Real Reason For Whole Foods Buy

While we never thought that the prospect of a conventional grocer’s purchase of Wild Oats was reason enough for Whole Foods to purchase the ungainly, troubled #2 chain, we recently heard some news that makes WFM’s buyout of Oats a lot morel logical. Turns out that more and more folks have been reporting that a […]

Natural Products Expo West—Ah, Anaheim

NBN will have plenty more on the show of shows (with apologies to Ed Sullivan) but an early look tell us that they’re are more new products here than we’ve seen in years. Additionally we;ve noticed lots of folks crowding the floor who we’re sure don’t know the difference between barley malt and Birkenstocks. In […]

Whole Foods Just Says No to Live Lobsters

In a move consistent with WFM’s visionary John Mackey’s vegan lifestyle Whole Foods Market will discontinue selling live lobsters. While animal rights activist applaud the move, NBN wonders if more than concern for animals inspired it.As a native New Englander NBN has always been mortified at the prospect of boiling those poor creatures alive. Mortified […]